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This site is now deprecated and all content is being integrated into please go there for updated information. Thank you!

Various updates and site news

coming soon! Been busy, sorry about that :) Many updates, new apps and stuff have been brewing in the background. There will be some major updates, new apps and a site facelift coming soon.

Updated Box2D-QML bindings

I started working on updating and adding more features to the Box2D-QML bindings. The included Box2D is upgraded to 2.2.1 and support for more joints has been added.
More details available here.

Here is a sneak peak at a game I'm working on, pure QML.

First RealWork(tm) game project

All my app development has so far been only hobbyist stuff, done on my free time. But my workplace is doing its first ever project with a mobile game as one of the outputs. The game will be educational, but hopefully not too dry, as it about the environment and especially water (waste water, purification, sea polution, etc). So far the design, code and result is closed but I hope to get that rectified in one way or another.
Development for the first version will be done with Qt, as we will be able to target many different device (Jolla, N9, Symbian, PlayBook, BB10) and even the desktop in one go. It will be mostly done in QML and will utilize Box2D and Qt Game Enabler extensions. Stay tuned for more details in the near future.

Thanks to Qt being supported on the Blackberry Playbook, I've decided to start working on applications and games for it in the near future. Also the Qt,QML,QtQuick and Cascades support in the BB10 looks very promising for future development. I haven't started working on any specific applications or game project yet, but I do have some ideas already brewing in my head.