Here you can find wallpapers I've done for the N900 panorama view and images suitable for the N9 lock screen. Enjoy!

Panorama wallpapers for N900


Panorama from Hemsedal skicenter

Pictures where taken in 2008, after easter at the MegaHupellus event.

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Necromantion stone wallpaper

Image 1 Stone wall from Necromantion/Necromanteion temple ruins in Greece.
Images of a beautifully laid out stone wall from the ruins of the Necromanteion temple. The Nekromanteion or Oracle of Death was temple where people could communicate with the dead.
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Lake wallpaper, spring time

Thumbnail not available

A view on a tiny lake in spring time

Spring time panorama of a tiny lake somewhere in southern Finland.

Let me know if you guess the location, you might have seen it in a demo of something location related.

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View from Klein Matterhorn

Thumbnail not available View from lookout point on Klein Matterhorn. Taken with a Nokia 603 and Panorama app.
The panorama image won the "Try something new" competition!
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Lock screen wallpapers for N9 and N950

Tracks in the snow

Image 2
Image 2

Full moon

Image 3
Image 3
Full moon. Taken with a Canon 550D in Summer 2011.