Unoffical Radio X3M App

Inofficiell Radio X3M app för N9. Lysna på radio streamen, se vad som spelas och kontakta studion. OBS! Programmet är gjort av en privat person och har ingenting med YLE att göra.

Epävirallinen Radio X3M ohjelma N9:lle. Kuuntele mobiilistreamiä, näe mitä soitetaan nyt ja seuraavaksi ja ota helposti yhteyttä studioon.

Unofficial Radio X3M application, mainly for Swedish speaking Finns. Listen to the mobile radio stream, get notified of what song is playing and what is next. Integrated volume control, Equalizer and Surround sound settings. Also quick links to call/SMS the studio. Note that this application is not connected to YLE in any way.


Download now from the Nokia Store !

Hints and tips

  1. Double click the song info area to request "Now playing" info even when not listening!
  2. Connection problems ? Sorry, can't help you there. The stream source server is in YLEs hands and sometimes it just won't work properly.

Found any bugs ?

Please report them to milang(at)




  • Translations in en, sv and fi


  • Initial release