MyDicto - Sound Recorder for N900

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Application for recording sound with your Nokia N900. It supports many different formats for different needs. Supported sources are the built in microphone and phone calls. The microphone on the N900 is of pretty good quality and can be used even for recording live music. The only limiting factor is the hardware, as it's mono only.

Recordings can be shared directly with friends, trough e-mail, bluetooth or sharing services that support uploading audio files.


Recordings can be done any many formats, both uncompressed and compressed. Some of the supported formats include:

  • WAV (8,11,22,44 and 48Khz, 8/16-bit, mono)
  • a-law, mu-law
  • Speex (11Khz, 16-bit)
  • Vorbis (22,44Khz, 16-bit)