Tracker module playback support for N900, N9 and N950

The mod-support package provides tracker (mod,s3m,etc) music support for the integrated media player, in the Nokia 770 (OS2006), Nokia N900 (Maemo5), Nokia N9 (and N950) devices. It provides the necessary libraries, gstreamer plugin and on the N900/N9/N950 support for extracting metadata from module music files.

The tracker metadata extractor will extract the title from the module. All modules will be in a "Various Artists - Tracker modules" album and the module type will be used for genre (mod, s3m, etc). (Note: For N9/N950 only title is used for now)

Supported modules include the following tracker music file formats:

  • Amiga .MOD files
  • ScreamTracker .S3M files
  • Impulse Tracker .IT files
  • Fast Tracker 2 .XM files
  • plus all other formats supported by libmodplug.


Binary package are available for download for N9, N950, N900 and 770

For Nokia N9 and N950

For advanced users

The package in Nokia Store is pieced together from multiple packages to be compatible with the (stupid) store requirements to not have any external dependencies outside the SDK. If you prefer to use proper packages then you can download them from my OBS:

For Nokia N900

Image 1

  • Maemo5/N900 support is provided by the mod-support package in extras

Nokia 770

  • For OS2006 use "deb gregale free"


Preliminary testing on N950

mod-support in action on the N900