A forked version of the box2d-qml bindings with support for more joint types and updated Box2D.


libdicto is a gobject based library for easy creation of recording and playback applications using gstreamer and a pre-defined list of formats. It is split in two parts, Dicto the gobject based recording/playback engine and a widget, DictoUi.

  • libdicto - Easy audio note recording/playback widget.
  • git clone git://


A simple image caching system.

  • libimagecache - Simple image cache library
  • git clone git://

Map widget

A slippymap map widget.

GPS Widgets

Widgest and gobject for easy display and handling of GPS data. Currently includes a compass and satellite view widgets.


Incomplete. Idea is a to have a simple image capture system with automatic geotagging.

  • gpsvideo - Video frame capture library for capturing every n frame with geoinformation

Tracker module metadata extractor