MeeGo and Maemo projects

My projects related for theMeeGo and Maemo platforms and related devices, the Nokia 770, N8X0, N900, N950 and N9 devices. In the future, also Jolla based devices will be supported.

Latest updates

Various updates and site news

coming soon! Been busy, sorry about that :) Many updates, new apps and stuff have been brewing in the background. There will be some major updates, new apps and a site facelift coming soon.

Updated Box2D-QML bindings

I started working on updating and adding more features to the Box2D-QML bindings. The included Box2D is upgraded to 2.2.1 and support for more joints has been added.
More details available here.

Here is a sneak peak at a game I'm working on, pure QML.


Active projects

  • Libraries - Various helper libraries and services

Package maintaining and porting